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Australian Impact Investments is a specialist consulting firm that provides advice to clients seeking to mobilise capital to create positive environmental and social impact alongside financial value.

Our services enable clients to develop investment strategies, originate, analyse and select investment opportunities and manage investment portfolios to achieve financial and impact objectives.

We serve a range of clients including asset owners and their investment advisers, family offices, charitable trusts and foundations, wealth management firms and government. 

If you would like to learn more about our work, we encourage you to read our 2020 Impact Reportwhich celebrates our clients' contribution to environmental and social impact. 



Development of bespoke impact strategies


Rigorous, independent sourcing and analysis of impact investments informing a proprietary pipeline of investment opportunities that deliver financial return and meaningful impact

In-depth ethical research, ratings and analysis, including coverage of environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related practices

Comprehensive investment management of impact-aligned portfolios from construction through to implementation, monitoring and reporting

Customised research, advisory and investment  origination and structuring to achieve defined impact and financial objectives




All investments have impact - positive, neutral or negative. The impact of an investment is a function of the underlying asset/enterprise the investment supports and an investor's contribution to this impact. 

Our proprietary Impact Spectrum, shaped from the extensive experience of our team across ethical, responsible and impact investments together with the work of the Impact Management Project, categorises every investment as one of four types of impact - Harm People & Planet (H), Avoid Harm (A), Benefit People & Planet (B) or Contribute to Solutions (C). 



People & Planet

The enterprise is directly involved in activities that harm or may harm people or planet



The enterprise has no direct involvement in activities that harm people or planet



People & Planet

The enterprise not only acts to avoid harm, but is also involved directly in activities that benefit people or planet



to Solutions

The enterprise not only acts to avoid harm, but also intentionally generates positive, measurable outcomes for people or planet


An investor can use a range of strategies to contribute to impact, often in combination, including:

  • signalling impact matters by applying negative and positive screens to investment selection processes

  • active engagement to influence the environmental/social performance of companies

  • growing new or undersupplied capital markets by participating in new investment opportunities

  • providing flexible capital to drive a targeted environmental or social outcome

We assist our clients to map their current investment portfolio to the Impact Spectrum and develop bespoke impact strategies that provide a roadmap for increasing the alignment of their investments with their impact objectives while achieving their financial objectives. 



Australian Impact Investments has, since our launch in August 2014 through to 30 June 2020, assisted its clients to direct capital of more than $100 million to 48 impact investments from a universe of more than 400 opportunities. These investments benefit excluded and disadvantaged populations - the homeless, people living with disabilities or mental health issues, and the working poor - and the planet. 


Community Impact Foundation

Australian Impact Investments is the investment manager for the Community Impact Foundation (CIF), a public ancillary fund that provides a communal philanthropic structure to those seeking a planned, tax-effective approach to giving and investment of contributed capital into a value-aligned investment portfolio that actively prioritises impact investments. The CIF is the only public ancillary fund in Australia that since launch has actively employed an investment strategy to amplify its social and environmental impact and provide comfort to subfund holders that their contributed capital will be invested in a manager consistent with their values.

Investments in the CIF portfolio include a range of social impact bonds targeting homelessness, children in out-of-home care, youth recidivism and mental health. The CIF also holds investments in solar and wind power, domestic and international impact venture capital and environmental water management. 


Investments Contributing

to Solutions (C)


Investments Benefiting 

People & Planet (B)

$ 2 million

Donations to

100+ charities

0.3% | 4.3% 

12 months | 3 years 

Return after fees

(Excluding cash)

*All figures above are as at 30 June 2019.

To learn more about the CIF, see a detailed impact breakdown here or check out the website here.



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We currently do not have any open career opportunities. Please keep an eye on this page for future opportunities. 




Impact Report 2020.png

Impact Report 2020

We are delighted to present our Annual Impact Report for 2020, which celebrates our clients' contribution to environmental and social impact. 

Over Financial Year 2020, our clients mobilised nearly $40 million into a range of impact and responsible investment opportunities, including nine new investments. 

You can read the report on Issuu or as a PDF


About Australian Impact Investments (3MB)

Aii 2018 Impact Report (Link)

2018 Impact Report


2019 Impact Report (5MB)

2017 Impact Report




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